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blog post in No Food for Thought dig(1) and other DNS clients sometimes taking 5 seconds to return the results of a local query After installing a few Debian VMs inside our Windows environment, I noticed very strange performance problems resolving local domain names on local DNS servers this week. Simple queries which should h
blog post in No Food for Thought EasyPHP review - not so easy to choose over XAMPP In recent years, I ranted about 2 of the main options for installing a development AMP (Apache, PHP) stack (including Xdebug) on Windows, namely XAMPP and [http
blog post in No Food for Thought Filelight and drive space usage analyzers for Microsoft Windows One of Microsoft Windows's weaknesses has always been drive space usage analysis tools. My reference on that front is KDE, which often comes with an appropriate tool. In the old days, KDirStat, and mo
blog post in No Food for Thought Microsoft - Left-handedness is evil (but less so if your hand is holding a Microsoft mouse) ''Today appears to be my Microsoft rant day. Sorry, that might have been prompted by an awful experience claiming the warranty for a broken Microsoft keyboard. Readers who are free of Microsoft produc
blog post in No Food for Thought WampServer? Wait! Short version Do not use WampServer. Long version The first time I installed an AMP on Windows, I chose EasyPHP. When I came back to PHP development on Windows, around 2013, I chose WampServer.
blog post in No Food for Thought Windows Firewall dangers - Is your Windows [8] PC's networking broken after you joined a domain? I hate firewalls. One of the first things I do on any personal Windows I install since Vista is to disable Windows Firewall. Usually, that's all it takes... plus disabling the maintenance center's fir
blog post in No Food for Thought Windows Firewall: a threat waiting for any occasion to strike Just 4 days after writing [http://www.philippecloutier.com/blogpost26-Windows-Firewall-dangers-Is-your-Windows-8-PC-s-networking-broken-after-you-joined-a-domain|~np~Windows Firewall dangers - Is your
blog post in No Food for Thought Windows on a Burning Wall Over 2 years after the last article in my Windows Firewall insanity series , it was time for th

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