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blog post in No Food for Thought A new milestone for Europe: provisional agreement on digital identity In November, the European Union made a major step towards eID, with [https://www.consilium.europa.eu/en/press/press-releases/2023/11/08/european-digital-identity-council-and-parliament-reach-a-provisi
blog post in No Food for Thought Artificial Intelligence's Current Achievement: Unlimited Disruption? In 2020, No Food for Thought asked whether AI's next achievement would be unlimited trolling . As far as I know, large-scale peer production remains mostly spared from such disruptio
blog post in No Food for Thought Artificial Intelligence's Next Achievement: Unlimited Trolling? Large-scale peer production projects rely much on contributions from potentially anonymous individuals. International volunteer projects, such as Wikimedia, are largely based on a general sense of tru
blog post in No Food for Thought Germany to achieve full eID By 2022 According to Associated Press, Germans should be able to store their identity on PC-s this Fall! Meanwhile, in Cana

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