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blog post in No Food for Thought Duplicate form sections with jQuery - Improved Based on David Carr's excessively simple technique to duplicate form sections using JavaScript , here is my enhanced but still minimali
blog post in No Food for Thought Hail To My Lord 3 days ago, so discreetly that I didn't notice before now, a major event in the Web's history occured - the W3C released a new major version of HTML , for
blog post in No Food for Thought HTML/CSS - Centering Centering in CSS is not easy. But each time I must vertically center, I must search the web to convince myself that I have no choice other than using a hack. So I found it comforting to see [http://ww

Fully Free

Kune ni povos is seriously freethough not completely humor-free:

  • Free to read,
  • free to copy,
  • free to republish;
  • freely licensed.
  • Free from influenceOriginal content on Kune ni povos is created independently. KNP is entirely funded by its freethinker-in-chief and author, and does not receive any more funding from any corporation, government or think tank, or any other entity, whether private or public., advertisement-free
  • Calorie-free*But also recipe-free
  • Disinformation-free, stupidity-free
  • Bias-free, opinion-free*OK, feel free to disagree on the latter.
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  • ...running on a free OS...
  • ...hosted on a server sharedby a great friend for free