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Windows on a Burning Wall

admin Tuesday April 16, 2019

Over 2 years after the last article in my Windows Firewall insanity series, it was time for the next chapter. So Microsoft pushed Windows 10 1809, which, like all prior Windows 10 updates, will start warning again about walls which aren't on fire.

But there's a new twist this time. On one of my Windows 10 installs, I can't disable notifications anymore. Now, instead of "Turn off messages about network firewall", the Security and Maintenance center merely links to Windows Security, which has many things, but obviously not the one thing which would keep administrators safe from mental insanity. If you see "Turn on messages about network firewall", you may think enabling and disabling again will do the trick, but Windows won't let you disable anymore after you re-enable.

Sorry, I don't have any solution this time.

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