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blog post in No Food for Thought "Cryptocurrency": the pseudo-currency which no one understood or accepted, but which many bought ×   Dated This article was written when "cryptocurrency" hype was peaking. While the situation changed, its conclusions remain relevant. On the cover o
blog post in No Food for Thought Bitcoin is Not Going To Zero, and more on blockchains When a decade of geek madness about "cryptocurrencies" culminated in May, I wrote [http://www.philippecloutier.com/blogpost83--Cryptocurrency-the-pseudo-currency-which-no-one-understood-or-accepted-bu
blog post in No Food for Thought Crhypeto propelling Malaysia and Argentina towards gold medals, squeezing every last bit out of Earth Today's greatest challenges Preserving our non-renewable natural resources from being wasted The climate crisis (and a few more) What we can do Minimizing negative externalities
blog post in No Food for Thought New Religion Most religions appeared during history, but not recently. We do have accounts of how that happened, like the Bible, but it's not so clear who wrote what when, nor what exactly was written before time
blog post in No Food for Thought Smooth summer bitcoindoctrination Scammers are known to target elders. Wise scammers know that old people are less knowledgeable about technology, and less intellectually fit to defend themselves. When you think about it, kids are als
blog post in No Food for Thought What happens when an alternative currency becomes legal tender? Some people think of "alternative currencies" as wonderful solutions to economic problems. But obviously, no currency can have any significant impact without becoming legal tender. So what would ha

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