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New Religion

admin Sunday January 3, 2021

Most religions appeared during history, but not recently. We do have accounts of how that happened, like the Bible, but it's not so clear who wrote what when, nor what exactly was written before time and translations altered the texts.

The birth of a third millennium religion constitutes a great opportunity to study how religions were designed and adopted. The Internet and all of today's technological means make its deities much clearer. Technology also gives many more high-quality records of how it spread. But analyzing these still requires skilled historians.

That's where Jesse Frederik, economics correspondent at De Correspondent, comes in. His mission?

Jesse Frederik wrote:
I want to show how seemingly minor policies have the biggest impacts, while examining overhyped narratives in politics and the news.

And delivering on this promise, Frederik offers Blockchain, the amazing solution for almost nothing. I couldn't have written it better myself.

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In the "Garden of Snakes", IORADIO's interview with Stephen Diehl, contains a 1-minute discussions of crhypeto's cultishness at 44:50.


With a new religion comes new titles. God Bless Crhypetopastors. 5 "crhypetocurrencies" and a couple religions are all it takes to feed the multitude of scammers!

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