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New Nova Scotia Law Gives Hope North America Could Heal Itself

admin Wednesday January 20, 2021

5 years ago, I started a dangerous boycott of Quebec's organ donation system. Thankfully, I am still alive, and did not kill anyone yet.

And more importantly, the chances my death won't kill anyone else are increasing, now that a new tissue and organ donation law went into effect in a neighbour province. Since January 18th, donation has been opt-out in Nova Scotia.

Unfortunately, that news taught me that this is a first in North America. This world may have a deadly addiction to egoism, yet according to CBC, there is already talk about following Nova Scotia's lead in another province, no other than Alberta.

Here's hoping Quebec can stop deifying individualism just like it is doing with the SARS crisis and show it has enough hearth not to finish last in this marathon.

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