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blog post in No Food for Thought A Great Source of Developer Happiness Open to All After many years contributing to open source projects, I can't say [https://www.techrepublic.com/article/what-makes-developers-happy-contributing-to-open-source/|results of SlashData's developer surve
blog post in No Food for Thought No Green Light for Plenom (and other Busylight manufacturers) yet {REMARKSBOX(type="warning" title="Not Fresh")}I finished my mandate since I wrote this post and my new work environments have not been anywhere close to being as distracting. I am no longer looking fo
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blog post in No Food for Thought The Hacktivist's ABCD This week I witnessed an exchange on KDE's community mailing list. Someone made a reasonable request, quite decently formulated. Someone else, who visibly didn't appreciate that request, sent a reply

Fully Free

Kune ni povos is seriously freethough not completely humor-free:

  • Free to read,
  • free to copy,
  • free to republish;
  • freely licensed.
  • Free from influenceOriginal content on Kune ni povos is created independently. KNP is entirely funded by its freethinker-in-chief and author, and does not receive any more funding from any corporation, government or think tank, or any other entity, whether private or public., advertisement-free
  • Calorie-free*But also recipe-free
  • Disinformation-free, stupidity-free
  • Bias-free, opinion-free*OK, feel free to disagree on the latter.
  • Powered by a free CMS...
  • ...running on a free OS...
  • ...hosted on a server sharedby a great friend for free