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Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections 2021

admin Saturday August 21, 2021

WMF Board Vote 2021 I voted in the Wikimedia Foundation Board of Trustees Elections 2021. I had interacted with no candidate and only knew 1 candidate, so although I ranked all 19 candidates, the full ranking below is a quick evaluation almost entirely based on reading the fairly short platforms. I mostly focused on candidate objectives, and favored those who prioritize governance reform and having MediaWiki scale to Wikimedia's ambitions. The only spots which I'm confident about are #1, #2 and #19. I supported:

  • Dariusz Jemielniak. He may seem like a vote for status quo as he has been on the board since 2015, but in fact, Jemielniak has huge knowledge of Wikimedia, including some of its gravest flaws. I admire his work on transparency, his past stance against bureaucracy, and I appreciate that he values governance.
  • Adam Wight. Despite his attempt to unionize the WMF, I believe Wight is a promising candidate, with his belief in direct democracy. He understands the importance of decision-making.

I didn't see any threatening candidate, but #19 was clearly less involved/interesting than the rest. Had "NOTA" been an option, it would have been at #19 or even last. I am pleased to see the candidates, who have lots of experience and reasonable diversity (at least ethnicity-wise; less so in terms of age and gender). And I am also pleased to read their presentations; while I criticized these in 2015, there is much more about intentions this year, putting less emphasis on experience.

As in the last elections, I hit an important issue voting - the same one as in 2017. I reported it again, but this time also added a warning to voters. Here's hoping the new board will value technical development, so the next board elections (and hopefully many more) can be reasonably user-friendly.

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