Crhypeto debunking

In 2019, I blogged about "cryptocurrency". I had no idea at the time more posts would follow, nor that they would be far from sufficient to appease the madness.

Since 2019, I have written several posts about crhypeto:
2019-06-25 - "Cryptocurrency": the pseudo-currency which no one understood or accepted, but which many bought
2019-12-15 - Bitcoin is Not Going To Zero, and more on blockchains
2021-01-03 - New Religion
2021-07-08 - Smooth summer bitcoindoctrination
2021-07-27 - Crhypeto propelling Malaysia and Argentina towards gold medals, squeezing every last bit out of Earth
2021-09-26 - What happens when an alternative currency becomes legal tender?

Not only is it still unclear whether Peak Crhypeto is over, but I've had to retract part of the above following the apparition of not-so-recent dynamics:
2022-01-02 - Happy 20th anniversary, €? Oh, and mea culpa
In September 2023, Zeke Faux's new book Number Go Up revealed that crhypetomania has created a new layer of victims enslaved into making their own victims in order to avoid torture and execution. While such highly organized crime is obviously reliant on misgoverned countries, the essential role which crhypeto plays in such schemes forces reassessing whether laissez-faire remains a viable/optimal approach.

Thankfully, I am not alone in my crusade. Besides Zeke Faux, countless renowned individuals have expressed their skepticism. David Gerard's website and books go a long way. Dr Nicholas Weaver's research and lectures also depict the theme as bluntly as thoroughly. In 2022, technologists from the USA signed the Letter in Support of Responsible Fintech Policy. And the unfortunately defunct Buttcoin Foundation summarizes it exquisitely.

Unfortunately, despite all of the misinformation now out there and the awareness of the situation, there is still no central crhypeto debunking website or organization which can join everyone's efforts. If you are aware of a movement to collaborate on the development and distribution of open material debunking crhypeto, thanks for letting a comment below.

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