Welcome to Kune ni povos, the world's (self-proclaimed) original (and only) hypo

This website is personal, but also professional and most importantly, universal.
KNP is accessible to the public not only for consultation, but also for reuse. It is built by and for collaboration.

personal website, modestest home to technology, verity, plenty modesty, and−occasionally−eccentricity and irony, since 2012

My nickname is chealer. My real name is Philippe Cloutier. I have enough luck to have been born in Quebec City, and with enough mental sanity to never move out.

I am a hyper-activistOr−as mauvaises langues would say−an activist "with rather too many causes". Most of the challenges I find interesting and many of my activities (professional and/or other) center on collaboration, science and technology. Kune ni povos is all about tackling today's and tomorrow's challenges, one byte at a time.