Pavel Filatyev and the courage to oppose and die

admin Friday September 16, 2022

When you hear about Ukraine's invasion, you can't help but wonder why some Russian soldiers won't quit and denounce. Pavel Filatyev may be the first one to quit completely, and have the courage and fortune to denounce successfully. And by doing so, he helps understand why so few will manage to do the same.

Pavel Filatyev had the fortune to get sick during the invasion and to be evacuated. He then managed to contact dissident organizations for help fleeing, and only succeeded to reach France after going through Tunisia. Western countries demonize suicide, but everything is relative. Filatyev's account makes me admire those of his comrades who—perhaps unable to leave the battleground—had the courage to shoot themselves instead.

Man can choose to become a monster, and Man can be raised as a monster. But even those made into monsters can turn into heroes. For following that path, Pavel Filatyev is my Hero of the month.

Filatyev's life may not resist the long-reaching arms of Russia's powerful secret services. But the reconciliation facilitated by his memoir Zov, and the inspiration of his bravery will always remain.