Common lies

admin Monday February 8, 2016

We frequently lie. Some lies are very common. Here are the 3 most common lies on the Internet:

L'Actualité, March 2016, page 24 wrote:

1. LOL
2. Like
3. I Have Read and Agreed to the Above Terms and Conditions (and obviously agree to give up my first born)

LOL. OK, sorry… ha-ha. But when you think about it, what is a LOLler's biggest lie? That he is laughing a lot? Or that his digital life is so funny that he needed to create an acronym to communicate laughter to his online buddies? rolleyes

The above is so true that I repeated lie 3 while redacting this post. OK… in fact, I was only going to my website to write this post when I did so. I wanted to say I was redacting, but that's a small lie.