Transition to the SI - A matter of numerous Ms-s

admin Saturday December 12, 2015
##php wrote:

(19:32:13) chealer: so if I consider that PHP's 0 ds should be 1 ds, then that proves my understanding that it's not the DB which adds that extra second.
(19:33:33) Literphor: chealer: What is ds? A decisecond?
(19:33:41) chealer: Literphor: yeah. it's all on a 1 Gb/s LAN, but that probably explain the 3 ds difference.
(19:33:45) chealer: Literphor: right
(19:34:03) Literphor: chealer: Heh you’re the first person I’ve ever seen use those units
(19:34:40) chealer: Literphor: Heh, you're not the first person telling me I'm the first person they see use those units.