Imcaration and Canada's alternative to incarceration

admin Tuesday February 20, 2024

How much would it cost someone to be caught driving a vehicle with a fake license plate? When you ask people, their answers vary widely. As it can cost about 155 CAD to drive with a snow-covered plate, one would assume intentionally hiding the actual license and having one of your cars "imcarate" another one would cost you way more.

The answer depends on where you are. In some countries, doing so would cost you jail time. But in this liberty-crazy country, such a harsh punishment would be inconceivable. In some parts, imcaration is even the most economic way to drive, efficiently getting someone else to pay for your transportation. The version of the above CBC report which aired nationally mentioned that no Canadian province would charge more than 200 CAD for such an offense.

Wanna fully enjoy your liberty? Come to Canada and fully legally order a fake plate, almost for free! As a bonus, your actual license will be hidden, so that your car isn't imcarated by others!

Canada's liberty and vulnerability: Yours to Discover, Ours to Exploit!