Exit or Voice: the powerful anti-Putin voices of Arkady Volozh and Oleg Tinkov

admin Saturday August 26, 2023

Half a decade after the famous treatise on the matter, quitting or speaking remains a constant dilemma. In particular in rogue autocratic regimes like Vladimir Putin's Russia... and about a topic as political as the Russo-Ukrainian War.

👏🏼Russian businessmen Arkady Volozh and Oleg Tinkov👏🏼 have managed to take the right decision, clearly voicing their opposition, despite a forced very costly exit.

Arkady Volozh wrote:
I am totally against Russia’s barbaric invasion of Ukraine, where I, like many, have friends and relatives. I am horrified by the fact that every day bombs fly into the homes of Ukrainians
Oleg Tinkov wrote:
Of course there are morons who draw Z, but 10% of any country are morons. 90% of Russians are AGAINST this war!

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