Atypical commuting

admin Sunday September 11, 2022

There are several ways to commute. By foot, by subway, by car, by bicycle, by bus, or by a mix of these. By tramway or boat, by skateboard, by motorcycle or scooter too.

As a resident of Quebec City who usually commutes by bicycle, I am often qualified as courageous for sticking to bicycle even in our cold and icy winters. And I got to admit that in a sense, winter cycling here does unfortunately require important determination.

Commuting by bicycle during winter used to be rare here back when I started, 20 years ago. Still, I don't feel so original if I compare myself with Brent Hobbs. Swimming wouldn't accelerate my current commute, but even if it did, I highly doubt I would be courageous enough for that.

Congratulations M. Hobbs!