Superfluous election, necessary opportunity

admin Sunday September 5, 2021

In 2015, 39% of Canadian voters gave their vote to the Liberal Party of Canada. 4 years later, that support had dropped to 33%. Less than what the PCC obtained, but still enough to form a government. One unfortunately unsatisfied with that pale result and the resulting minority of seats.

One could think these most qualified supports would have ensured the winner would respect its supporters. Yet...

What the liberals promised in 2015:

What the liberals delivered, 6 years later:

Following such an unqualified failure, even 33% now seems like a most generous grade.

The PLC may have called a superfluous election. But let's try putting cynicism aside and not wasting that opportunity to further adjust the grade it's now deserved. And hopefully adjust that of the several parties which still promise to deal with cynicism. Fair Vote Canada documents the stance of the main parties about electoral reform.