No Monopoly on Stupid Lawmaking

admin Tuesday July 21, 2020
2022 Update: Facebook was actually ordered to divest Giphy.

You may know Giphy, the online database and search engine for short looping videos. But you probably don't know who owns Giphy.

Probably because you don't care, yet some lawmakers seem to care so much they're challenging Facebook's acquisition of Giphy. On what grounds? Anti-trust laws. Really; it seems GIF-s have been elevated to the rank of scarce strategic resources. But there's more to it: the same people are proposing an anti-market law which they dubbed "Pandemic Anti-Monopoly Act".

As no one should have a monopoly on lawmaking, I'm proposing the Pandemic Anti-Stupidity Act - No more stupid laws while we already have to deal with a pandemic, please.