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Smart Indian mechanics nail profitable ways to slow down climate change...

admin Sunday March 12, 2017

...as well as many vehicles circulating in these streets of Bangalore. In fact, their solution completely stops many vehicles on the streets which benefit from their ecological treatment.

Unfortunately, due to the side effect nails on a road have on pedestrians and other self-propelling travelers, their plan is being fought by opposant Benedict Jebakumar and other nearby workers, frustrated by the environmental tax it also imposes on commuters like themselves whose tires are puncturing more frequently. But even with police getting involved and arresting innovator Ranganath and Chand Pasha, the fight continues, with police now closing repair shops.

While the strategy is not new, it has not yet managed to make a hole in the inflating number of motorists. But this is at least one more proof of how the tenacious altruistic efforts of individuals can benefit an entire city, and, step by step, or puncture by puncture, perhaps eventually bring back more air for citizens of the whole world.

Disclaimer: having had at least 5 punctures on his bicycle last summer, the author of this sarcastic article has in fact much sympathy for the victims of this awful scheme.