The Cost of Dialects

admin Tuesday May 28, 2024

KNP has been interested in conventions for decades. Notably, I have been trying to curb linguistic proliferation, hoping that an artificial language can optimize communication, improving communication quality and reducing the tremendous costs of language acquisition and communication between people who do not master a common language.

But beyond the societal costs of the uncontrolled number of languages, what are the personal costs of... dialects? Could a native speaker of an organization's common language lose much money just for not speaking its dominant dialect? A study suggests speaking "the wrong dialect" does cost, and a lot. According to the 2019 study The Wage Penalty of Regional Accents, linguistic differences not only cause discrimination, but a wage penalty estimated at a fifth! While this was studied on a personal angle, if true, this implies a major societal cost, directing workers to local employers and making it harder/costlier for organizations to grow geographically.

I can't help being skeptical about the importance of the difference, but I have am not surprised to find yet another cost of our linguistic chaosfrown