Germany and Canada: A sharp contrast in what democracy can be

admin Monday October 25, 2021

If your tracking of Canadian politics focuses on the Parliament's composition, you might not have noticed anything particular in September. If you also pay attention to the budget though, you may have realized we're now 600 million CAD deeper in the red. Yes, Canada had a superfluous federal election last month, which concluded with a surreal gem in Trudeau's speech:

Je vous ai entendus. Ça ne vous tente plus qu'on parle de politique ou d'élections, vous voulez qu'on se concentre sur le travail qu'on a à faire pour vous.

It may break our heart to think most votes in this election were cast "for" parties which have no plan to fix Canada's governance. But rather than accepting cynicism, we can choose hope by looking at a very similar election, in a country which simply uses a much less disproportional system.